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Short Stories by Richard L. Watson 

Click here to read about sailing through the eye of tropical storm Dottie aboard the sloop Viking pictured above.

Scallop Dragger to Key West

Let's Make it Home

What I Like About Roatan

Squeeze it till it's hard

A Flight Through History

Francis L Abbot, A Great Teacher

Rescuing the Henry Morgan in a Screaming Norther

Flying History and Geology Tour, Port Aransas to Matagorda Island, Texas

Fascinating Short Stories and more about Roatan by Lorenzo Dee Belveal

Lorenzo Dee Belveal, often known on Roatan as Mr. Dee was one of the first resort developers building Spyglass Hill Resort near Punta Gorda long before the current tourism development. Lorenzo first arrived in Roatan in 1967. He also was instrumental in getting the first roads built on the island.  Lorenzo had a long history as a writer, and I think as a newspaperman.  Until he died a few years ago he had a fantastic website about Roatan, including the risks of  property ownerships for foreigners.  Most of his advice was wise, though rarely followed.  When Lorenzo built the Spyglass Hill resort, there probably were fewer than 100 American expats living on the island and only a dozen or two foreign yachts would visit the island each year.  As a result, he knew the locals and their customs very well and wrote wonderful short stories about them.  Before his website disappeared after his death, I downloaded his stories.  I have tried to contact family to get permission to post them, but have been unable to find any relatives.  So, I am putting his stories back up on the internet, so that many more people can enjoy them.  Maybe  some of the "new" expats on Roatan can learn a bit about how it used to be and a bit about the real islanders. Betsy and I lived about 1/2 time on Roatan froim 1982 to 1998.  Most of that time was before the cruise ships, most resorts, before a paved road, electricity,. telephone and television.  Like Lorenzo, we lived with the locals and absolutely loved it.  It is not the same now.  

Destruction of the Ecology of Roatan

The Case for Eating Missionaries

Payment in Kind

Trying to do Business with Sister Jean

A Short-Term Loan

The Great Honduras- Salvador Football War

The Good Sign

Cleary Jones' "Personal Minister"

Salvaging the "Odessa" Anchor in Very Deep Water

Pirates and  Some History

A Toast to the Pirates

The Road