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These photographs are copyrighted and are the property of Richard L. Watson.  They may not be copied or used without permission.  You may however link to this website from your website or by email. 

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Coastal Law and the Geology of a Changing Shoreline, March 2006, updated to include section on poor beach and dune management practices

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Deidre D. Williams, Nicholas C. Kraus, Carl M. Anderson

Packery Channel 12/16/2007

Packery Channel 12/16/2007

Packery Channel 12/16/2007

Packery and Seawall 10/20/2007

Not much beach left in front of seawall.

Packery Channel 10/20/2007

Strong ebb tide and small waves.  Breaking in entrance.

Packery Channel 10/20/2007

Strong ebb is tripping small waves and breaking in entrance.

Packery Channel 10/20/2007

Strong ebb.  little sand in front of seawall.

Packery Channel 9/21/2007

Note the ebb plume.  The longshore drift accumulation on the northeast jetty (lower in photo) is continuing to grow.  It looks like the beach in front of the seawall is continuing to erode.  It is gone at high tide at the south end of the seawall and is narrow for the south 1/3 of the seawall.

Packery Channel 9/21/2007

Seawall and Packery Channel 9/21/2007

Packery Channel 6/27/2007

Packery is breaking in the next two photos.  It was breaking intermittantly.  At the time that the photos were taken, Naval Station Corpus Christi was reporting winds from 190 at 11 knots.  It was blowing harder the day before and earlier today

This is the second photo for 6/27/2007

Padre Island Seawall and Beach 6/27/2007

Not much beach left.

June 7, 2007

The following photo was taken on June 7, 2007 about 3:00.  The tide was flooding hard.  Wind at Naval Station Ingleside was from 160 at 20 knots gusting to 30 knots.  The pass was breaking intermittantly at the entrance.  The next link below the photo is a movie of the breaking waves.

Click here to see a movie of surf breaking across the entrance of Packery Channel on June 7, 2007.  The Naval Air Station was reporting SSE wind at 20 knots gusting to 30 knots.

Click here to see the latest survey data and earlier surveys of Packery Channel along with descriptions of how the bathymetry within the channel has evolved.

Some interesting new survey data for Packery Channel has surfaced.

This data was from a powerpoint presentation that was made available to me.  The front of the presentation indicates that the presentation and I assume the data are from Deidre Williams of TAMUCC who has been monitoring Packery Channel, Nicholas Kraus of the US Army Corps of Engineers Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory and Carl Anderson, Project Manager for Packery Channel (Galveston District).
Note that the depths in the jetty channel are 9 feet or deeper and that a deep scour hole has formed at the end of the north jetty.  It had been reported to me by a surfer that the depth on the bar at the channel entrance was only waist deep.  That is obviously incorrect.  It is surprising to me that the waves were breaking at that depth in the entrance on 2/6/2007 when the last photos were taken, although the waves did not appear to be particularly high.  The photos were taken at 1350 on 2/6/2007.  I was unable to download the current data from the TAMUCC site.  Maybe someone can provide that.  The water level for the time of the 2/6/2007 photos is presented with 2/6/2007 air photos further down the page.

Packery Survey data with the depths shown as colors.

Note the sand waves in the channel.

Packery survey data 12/16/2006

Note that the 8 foot bar in the jetty entrance as shown in this survey was removed, possibly by strong ebb currents driven by strong northers by the time that the next survey on 2/8/2007 was taken.

Packery Channel survey 8/31/2006

Packery Channel 2/6/2007

Water Level at time of 2/6/2007 photos

Data from Division of Nearshore Research  Texas A&M University Corpus ChristiDISCLAIMER: The data described below have been collected by automated equipment and are furnished "as is". DNR makes no warranties (including no warranties as to merchantability or fitness) either expressed or implied with respect to the data or their fitness for any specific application.

Packery Channel 2/6/2007

Surf's up

Packery Channel 2/6/2007

Packery Channel 1/25/2007

Packery 1/25/2007

Waves occassionally breaking in entrance.

Packery and eroding beach at seawall 1/25/2007

Beach gone at south end of seawall 1/25/2007

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